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Passionate about parenting and dedicated to improving the lives of mothers and children globally, Vivian Glyck founded the Not-for-Profit Organization, Just Like My Child Foundation. The organization is dedicated to fueling sustainable enterprise through micro-lending, healthcare, and social empowerment.

It is her belief that every human being around the world deserves the chance to achieve their true potential. Beginning with a concentrated focus on rural Uganda where efforts, funding and programs have far-reaching and dramatic results, JLMC is now expanding its programs to the US.



Paid for Life is an event created to fuel the dreams of Entrepreneurs. Whether you’re in the room on June 26 and June 27, or are among the families we serve in Africa or the U.S, our goal is to support the only known true solution to poverty: fueling the small business engine by helping people create sustainable enterprises.

I’ve learned so much about the road to self-sufficiency in the developing world. My next trip to Africa will be my 10th in the last three years. While it’s a neat theory that micro-enterprise (tiny loans in the amount of $10 to $300) is the solution to poverty, I’ve seen first hand that it’s not that simple.  In rural Uganda, where Just Like My Child Foundation has been focused,

  • Parents have to be healthy enough to work (and stay alive),
  • Proper nutrition is essential to fuel the body,
  • Children must be educated to help end the cycle of poverty,
  • Women’s and children’s rights must be the core of a civil society,
  • And women and girls must be empowered.

Addressing these issues holistically while helping families pursue small business development is what has helped us save tens of thousands of lives over the past three years.

It’s All About the Children

I am so madly in love with my child that I would do anything to keep him alive, keep him safe, and to help him live his fullest potential.

My stand in life is to create a world where all children feel joy and happiness by experiencing their full potential – the same privilege my child has — the joy of knowing who they are and the ability to express it to its fullest. I’ve learned that a child’s laughter is what makes my heart sing.

Whether helping a child achieve their fullest potential means keeping a mother alive and reducing the maternal mortality rate, putting mothers to work so a child can go to school and become educated, building schools, creating social justice programs so the true genius of women and girls is supported, or training youth in entrepreneurial programs, The Just Like My Child Foundation is about turning the lights on in a child’s eyes. About getting them to feel the power of their potential.

When this power and the power of women around the world is unleashed, the environment will be healed, fertility rates will go down, social justice issues will dissipate, education will improve, and the economy will heal itself.

Be Part of the Solution

Everyone is committed to making a difference, but many don’t think they can. The Just Like My Child Foundation has shown that anything’s possible and your donations and commitment can make a direct impact on the lives of tens of thousands in rural Uganda.

Our results include drastically reducing the maternal mortality rate from 1 in 10 women, protecting 40,000 children and pregnant women from malaria, initiating sustainable microenterprise solutions and a commitment to completing six schools by the end of 2010

The work of Just Like My Child must be done because the cost of having women’s and children’s potential snuffed out through disease, abuse, lack of education, fundamentalism, lack of opportunity is of dire consequence to you, to me and the entire planet.

Many of us are dying to give, to make a difference. Paid for Life is a way to do it, and to increase your wealth so that you can earn more, give more, live more.

With your help anything is possible! The proceeds of Paid for Life will create Hope and Justice for thousands by helping us:

  • Build more schools
  • Transform the lives of thousands of children
  • Pay for social justice and legal training that is reducing domestic violence and violence against women and girls
  • Keep mothers alive by drastically reducing the maternal mortality rate and by providing AIDS treatment
  • Collaborate with communities to create microenterprise ventures that alter the destinies of entire families
  • Launch an entrepreneurial training program in the United States geared at highly performing, yet high-risk youth.

Everyone wants to be found by the work they love, Paid for Life is designed to help you focus on your passion, and commit to the work that leads you to fulfill your fullest potential. Besides, altruism is really good for your health!

I promise you that at Paid for Life, you will get more out of this then you put in.

Vivian Glyck

Founder and Executive Director
Just Like My Child Foundation