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If you attended Paid for Life last year, witness below how building your business and living your dreams has already transformed and empowered thousands of families to reach their full potential.

Learn this year how to Earn more, Live more and Give more-

YOU can equip fellow entrepreneurs around the globe to achieve their goals… because sustainable enterprise is the ONLY effective, proven weapon against poverty.



At Paid For Life 2010 Your Business Achievements
Will Directly Fuel Sustainable Enterprise –
The ULTIMATE Win-Win-Win For Your Business,
Your Life, and Your World.


My Fellow Entrepreneur,

This is Mike Koenigs here. I’ll be one of your hosts for this special workshop event, happening the weekend of June 25th, in San Diego. And even if you can’t be with us in person here in San Diego, be sure to read my message below. We’ll be providing full digital access to the event so that you can enjoy front-row action from the comfort of your own home.

But first things first… I want to explain the meaning of “Paid For Life.” Because as this program has evolved it has become quite sacred to my wife Vivian and to myself.

“Paid For Life” means that the efforts you make once continue to bear fruit infinitely. It’s about automation and it stands for sustainability. When we consider how we can create a business that pays us for life, our first impulse is to focus on getting to the “paid” part. Yet I invite you to consider the significance of “For Life,” because that’s the part that absolutely clutches my attention.

Ask yourself: “If I could do work once… give once… invest time or money once… and forever reap the benefits so that bills are paid, rent is paid, all the necessities are taken care of – AND THEN SOME – for the foreseeable future… How would that change my life (and the lives of others)?”

Because that’s the level we’ve got to take the game to. The playing field simply isn’t what it used to be.

And if you’re struggling with your business at the moment… or you’re recently unemployed… If you’re seeking a change or just plain fed up, this is the one question you need to ask yourself and figure out – so that you can break out of the grind and live the life you were meant for.

Yet there are so many questions that tumble in after that one, isn’t there?

Questions like…

  • How do I build a profitable company?
  • How do I get the business or project I have now making real money?
  • What are the exact steps I can take NOW to get my company online and earning income?
  • What exactly do I do to create a product and once I have it, how do I find the people who want to buy it, inspire them to want it, and keep them happy once they bought it?
  • Oh and once I’m making money at all this, how do I automate all of it so I don’t spontaneously strangle myself with my laptop chord?

Those are all great questions. I’ll tell you more in a minute how Paid For Life 2010 will answer each of them in depth, plus plenty of other gems my colleagues and I have learned along the way.

But first let’s talk about “For Life.” Because in case you hadn’t noticed, “How to Make Money” and “How to Start a Business” seminars are as common as those foreign inheritance notifications in your spam box.

Getting paid for life means you’re getting paid to live, not living to get paid. It flips the script most of us are stuck reciting as we grind out our daily lives… instead delivering us the freedom of choice and the mobility to pursue our passions and purpose… Yielding not just the mighty dollar but the mighty difference.

Lastly, “paid for life” stands for the right of every human being to a sustainable income. When you attend Paid For Life 2010 you’ll not only walk away equipped with the knowledge, tools and experience to create a profitable enterprise… you’ll empower rural and urban entrepreneurs everywhere with the same opportunities because 100% of the proceeds of this event will go to Just Like My Child Foundation and its sustainable enterprise programs.

Q: What Will I Learn at Paid For Life 2010?

This event is designed to fill in the the blanks and equip you with the actionable step-by-step strategies you need to either start a new business or get your current business off life-support and into hyper-drive. You’ll walk away with things like:

  • A step-by-step system for outlining your product in an hour
  • How to create a social media marketing strategy in 20 minutes
  • How to create a ravenous audience, inspire loyalty to your brand, and get them to eagerly spread the word
  • The 3 missing ingredients that can supercharge any limp offer into an enticing and memorable promise
  • How to increase your sales even if you have $0 marketing budget
  • Simple, no-cost tweaks you can make to instantly double (even triple!) your sales during live presentations
  • The subtleties and nuances of influence and persuasion that allow you to be authentic, honest, yet entirely persuasive and compelling
  • The 5 Minute Debt Solution that gets you out of debt fast, and forever
  • The missing link to creating automated, residual income that is sustainable and attainable
  • Simple and quick ways to validate your market, identify your audience and tap into the conversation already going on in their head
  • How to break out of the daily grind – whether its your 9-5 job, a business you can’t step away from, a daily life you can’t quite get jazzed about… you’ll discover how to systematically and painlessly rearrange your life so that the pieces fit into the picture YOU have in mind
  • Why pursuing money alone can rarely make us happy… what might truly be driving you… and how to live your passion for profit AND for the empowerment and benefit of the global tribe

And so much more!

“Sounds Like the Place I Need to Be!
What Are the Event Details?”

We’ve kept it very simple. Just make a donation of $995 to Just Like My Child Foundation and you’ll secure an unforgettable 48 hours with 12 of today’s most successful enterprise thought leaders and lifestyle design experts. As soon as you secure your seat using the Register Button below, you’ll be automatically registered for the event and we will send you all the details you need in a confirmation email.

And even if you can’t attend in person, you’ll still have access to our online attendee’s area where you can download video of the entire event!


Your credit card will be billed by “The Just Like My Child Foundation” and you will receive a receipt from a registered 501c3 non-profit foundation for your tax records.

… AND You’ll Also Gain
FREE Entrance to Another Event…

Traffic Geyser Bonus Workshop – YOU: Instant Video Marketing GURU

The Ultimate Video Workshop: How to Make Money with Video Marketing

Friday June 25th

NOTE: This workshop is for Traffic Geyser members ONLY

What will you learn at this Traffic Geyser event?

Traffic Geyser CEO Mike Koenigs will share the fastest way to make money online for ANY business with video – even if you don’t have a product, service or business of your own.

This Traffic Geyser specific workshop will teach you how to unleash the power of online video to drive traffic to your business, generate leads and increase sales. Created especially for new members, Traffic Geyser experts will be there to hold your hand and provide step-by-step training.

In one day, you’re going to get a FULLY immersive experience as Mike guides you step-by-step through how to:

  • Use Traffic Geyser
  • Step-by-step LIVE demonstrations
  • Get a High-Def video setup for less than $500 (including SPECIFIC equipment)
  • Set up Camera
  • Set up Lighting that looks Great
  • Use Microphones and Audio
  • Make videos with a camera
  • Make videos WITHOUT a camera
  • Video Editing – Basic and Advanced
  • Video Marketing 101 – for newbies
  • Capture Leads and Build a List
  • Blogging and podcasting strategies to get more traffic
  • Keyword Research
  • Video Lead Page demonstrations
  • Submit Videos with Traffic Geyser
  • Sell Video Marketing Services to make an extra $5,000 – $30,000 or More per month, part time
  • Keyword research
  • Autoresponder message creation
  • Follow up services you can offer with VoiceFollowUp
  • Expert panel to take your questions
  • And much more!

And as a special bonus, he’ll demonstrate how to build an iPhone application AND include a special DOUBLE BONUS session on Mobile Marketing. During this iPhone session, Mike Koenigs will give you a step-by-step guide for using the Traffic Geyser iPhone Application Builder. Topics Include:

  • How to get an app developed (Graphics, Title, Blog, Lead, Capture Page, About Page, Calendar Feeds)
  • Building an iPhone application for your business within a few clicks of your mouse
  • How to get your app noticed in the app store
  • Selling your app vs other revenue models
  • How much you can charge to your clients

TG Workshop Info:
Friday June 25th 2010
Registration / check-in begin at 8am
Workshop begins promptly at 9am and ends at 5pm

Because Traffic Geyser is a primary sponsor of Paid For Life 2010, the company has decided to offer FREE entrance to its 1-day special workshop event, happening Friday, June 25th. This is a stand-alone separate, free event that Paid For Life attendees are invited to if you are a Traffic Geyser/Firepower member.

NOTE: This workshop is OPTIONAL, for Traffic Geyser members ONLY. To attend the bonus day, you must be an active Traffic Geyser member (not a trial member) AND register to attend Paid For Life. (You’ll have to present your Paid for Life registration receipt upon check-in for the TG Workshop).

Per IRS regulations, the amount of the contribution that is tax deductible for federal income tax purposes is limited to the excess of any money contributed over the fair market value of the goods or services provided by the Foundation. Our good faith estimate of the fair market value of the program itself is $495, and the VIP experience is $560. The remainder of your donation is tax deductible as a charitable contribution, or the total amount may be fully deductible as a business expense. Consult your tax advisor (Tax Exempt ID# 20-5264558)

Oh and one other thing…

How to Guarantee Ultimate Results with
Personal Face-Time and Front Row Action

What if you could bring your current frustrations, challenges and most pressing questions straight to the business brain trust of today’s bestselling authors and most sought after speakers? It’s one thing to figure it all out for yourself while poring over your copious event notes… and another thing altogether when you can go straight to the source for a specific answer to your particular problem.

With a Paid For Life VIP Ticket you get:

  • Guaranteed front row seats to each teacher’s presentation for the entire event
  • Exclusive access to our intimate Speaker’s Dinner Saturday Night

Because our VIP Dinner will be kept small and intimate to ensure ample time for you to interact with speakers and fellow VIP attendees, these spots are severely limited and will sell out fast (they sold out fast last year!). You can secure your VIP Access by clicking the button below:


Many are quick to point to our struggling economy for why entrepreneurial training like this is so important. But in my opinion it’s always been vital. So many people, since the dawn of industrialization, have been making a dying instead of a living. How many times have you heard someone say, “My job is killing me?” How many times might you have said it?

Crazier still is the realization that many business owners and entrepreneurs feel the same way! It’s not enough to start your own business. You have to craft that venture into one that pays you for life, not one that you have to pay into with your life.

You’ll learn exactly how to create such a paid-for-life business at this event. We look forward to having you here!


Mike Koenigs

Questions? Please read our FAQ.

Or you can call us at 1-866-603-3991 to leave a message. We will respond within 24 hours.

Note: Per IRS regulations, the amount of the contribution that is tax deductible for federal income tax purposes is limited to the excess of any money contributed over the fair market value of the goods or services provided by the Foundation. Our good faith estimate of the fair market value of the program itself is $495, and the VIP experience is $560. The remainder of your donation is tax deductible as a charitable contribution, or the total amount may be fully deductible as a business expense. Consult your tax advisor:

(Tax Exempt ID# 20-5264558)